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Gold is at once elemental, profound, precious and enduring.
Nothing else is.

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The ultimate wealth preserver ...

Gold is a foundation asset within any long term savings
or investment portfolio..

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Portfolio diversification

Statistically, portfolios containing gold are generally more robust
and less volatile .

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A potent wealth preserver, gold’s stability remains as compelling as ever for today’s investor.



GOLD is more than just a precious metal
GOLD is a foundation asset within any long term savings or investment portfolio.

As one of the few financial assets that do not rely on an issuer's promise to pay, GOLD offers refuge from widespread default risk. It offers investors insurance against extreme movements in the value of other asset classes.

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Golden Opportunities


Like all prices, the GOLD price reflects not only the inherent value of GOLD, but also the relative strength of the currency in which it is quoted. For example, the dollar price of GOLD may increase more in percentage terms than the sterling price of GOLD, to the extent that the change in price is a reflection of dollar weakness (in this case, against sterling) rather than an intrinsic change in GOLD market fundamentals.


News & Trends

24 March 2011
GOLD Research
We publish a wide range of research papers looking at gold's investment characteristics. Our research examines gold’s special characteristics as a store of value, inflation and currency hedge, and portfolio diversifier.

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